Bridge and structural design


With many experience engineers, the Company owned completely technology for bridge, tunnel design having complex structure and good architecture. More detail as:
Simple girder bridges: slab beam bridge, PC-I girder, Super T girder, box girder, steel-concrete composite girder, U girder;
Continuous girder bridges as slab beam (solid and hollow), box girder, Pi girder, U girder… are constructed by methods: launching, balanced cantilever, cast on fix scaffolding, on moving scaffolding, cantilever erection, erecting on scaffolding…
Steel composite girder bridge with reinforce concrete slab formed I or box girder;
Steel truss bridge;
Arch bridge: concrete, steel, concrete filled pipe, combined arch;
Steel-concrete composite girder bridge, box girder with corrugated steel web, prebeam bridge;
Foundation structures:
-. Shallow foundation
Pre-cast reinforce concrete pile foundation
Shinso foundation;
Bored pile foundation;
Caisson foundation;
Spun pipe pile foundation;
Steel pipe sheet pile
Human resources: