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Lê Đức Anh

Deputy Manager of Highway Design Department

Trần Thị Mỹ Hạnh

Chief accountant

Nguyễn Ngọc Hà

Deputy Manager of Administration Department

Bùi Đức Giang

Deputy Manager of Bussiness Department

Ngô Văn Cung

Manager of Bridge and Tunnel Design Department

Đào Trung Dũng

Manager of Highway Design Department

Vũ Văn Tuyến

Manager of Hydrographic and Topographic Survey Department

The core value of VEC Consultant is business culture. Our value is not only towards to internal activities but also to customers, which brings pratical values and benefits to them: good progress and quality, high cooperation with reasonable expenses.
We are proud that our development foundation has been built basing on this core competence.


We provide technique consultant services with exact planning progress commited to customers. The requirements of customers are quickly and timely implemented. We understand and solve all comments in the shortest time with our attitude of openned-mind and high cooperation.

Our services are not only made at good quality but also made from our specilalists’ effort and intelligence in order to have innovative products that satisfied closely and rigorous demands of customer. Our creativities are continuously renewed so as to bring new inspirations and efficiencies for the company and customers.

We appreciate not only the business results but also the values and interests of customers. We understand that the investment efficiency of customers for products and services are evaluated by the progress of work, quality of service, product warranty and reasonable price. Thus, customers achieve e efficiently time and money investment, their benefits are justifiably protected.

VEC Consultant commits to:
• Provide consultant product services with high quality, exactly and excess planning progress, satisfying the needs of customers;
• Listen and solve customer's suggestions in the shortest times.
• Warrant our products to the end.