News and events

VEC Consultant continues to stand in the TOP 10 of Design Consultant Organizations of Transport Sector

On May 16th, 2017, the Vietnamese Ministry of Transport (MOT) issued Decision No. 1386/QD-BGTVT announcing the capacity rating of Transport Consultant Organizations in 2016. VEC Consultant is rated “responsive”, ranking 7th in […]

VEC Consultant presented at Roundtable of Chartered Professional Engineers Coordinating Committee (CCS85 Meeting)

From September 27-30 of 2016, the 85th Meeting of The Coordinating Committee on Services (CCS85) of ASEAN was held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, in which the Roundtable of Chartered Professional […]

Training course of new management system ISO 9001:2015

For the purpose of upgrading the ISO management system from version 9001:2008 to version 9001: 2015, after carefully researched, ADHEAD Enterprise Management and Development Consultant., LTD was assigned as the coaching unit […]

Develop career with VEC Consultant

Parallel to the development of business strategy, VEC Consultant specially focuses on developing comprehensive and sustainable human resources. VEC Consultant appreciates the contribution of each individual  to the overall success, no matter who he is, in any position.

 Working environment

We provide a modern, professional, friendly and united working environment, create favorable opportunities for employees to improve their capability and income; and combine harmoniously between the interests of business with the interests of workers.

Recruitment policy:

We build up, improve and apply the procedures and rules for the recruitment and evaluation of the personnel quality, the job description for each position systematically with fair and evident standards.VEC Consultant always looks for the talented candidates that are passionate with consultancy and wish to work in “speed , innovation and efficiency “environment – where everyone can maximize their capability and expertise. Employment opportunities are not only for well-experienced experts,  but also for trainees, engineers and young staffs who are not afraid of challenge. “The VEC Consultant home” opens not only a chance to get a job but also very much attractive opportunities to develop long-term career.

Training and job development policy

Annually, VEC Consultant carries out effective training courses in order to support and improve necessary skills for the employees, which makes them believe more in themselves and then work with long-term commitment for the company.       After training courses, employees apply knowledge and skills to perform their professional duties; with those who have outstanding achievements, VEC Consultant will give them a priority in the list of key personnel development plan. With the excellent staffs and managers, VEC Consultant focuses and supplies training courses on leadership, management, planning and implementation skills to improve the efficiency of management work.  The company remains sufficient resources for staff training and development policies and career development roadmap. We prioritize the promotion and appointment of cadres from internal resources and development of inheritance generations. These policies encourage and create favorable opportunities for employees to get promotion in career.
Promotion opportunities depend on job performance, personal capability and ability to assume the important role and responsibilities of each employee. In a motional world, we believe that each employee will play an active role in their career for responsibility, self-control, gain experience, build up long term professional careers

Remuneration policy:VEC Consultant always respects all efforts and contributions of employees and has remuneration policy, appropriate wage for each job position basing on qualifications, competence and dedication of staffs. VEC Consultant applies fair evaluation system, interesting salary and reward regime, which is really a strong motivation to encourage the employees to have strong commitment to the Company.The policies and welfare regime of VEC Consultant focus on taking care of employee’s work, life and family, ensuring that they can totally focus on developing their career and promoting creativity. Annually, the Trade Union organizes many activities such as New year travel, summer vacation, sightseeing, teambuilding and health care, etc.     

Let’s get promotion for your career with VEC Consultant right now!