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VEC Consultant continues to stand in the TOP 10 of Design Consultant Organizations of Transport Sector

On May 16th, 2017, the Vietnamese Ministry of Transport (MOT) issued Decision No. 1386/QD-BGTVT announcing the capacity rating of Transport Consultant Organizations in 2016. VEC Consultant is rated “responsive”, ranking 7th in […]

VEC Consultant presented at Roundtable of Chartered Professional Engineers Coordinating Committee (CCS85 Meeting)

From September 27-30 of 2016, the 85th Meeting of The Coordinating Committee on Services (CCS85) of ASEAN was held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, in which the Roundtable of Chartered Professional […]

Training course of new management system ISO 9001:2015

For the purpose of upgrading the ISO management system from version 9001:2008 to version 9001: 2015, after carefully researched, ADHEAD Enterprise Management and Development Consultant., LTD was assigned as the coaching unit […]

The seminar of Pavement design

Following the company training plan for Project Managers and Team leaders, on October 3rd 2015, a seminar of pavement design was held at VEC Consultant office. Assoc.Prof.Dr. Bui Phu Doanh, the lecturer from National University of Civil Engineering, was the speaker.
The Engineers engineers have spent much almost the time to discuss about the the Rutting of the Asphalt concrete surface. In recent years, Tthis is a matter had been which received special interests from the public opinionscommunication, and media in general and the transportation eEngineers in the transportation particularfield in last few years. The seminar participants were fully analyzed the reasons of the rutting phenomenon, then offerreding some the measures for overcomesolutions. The requirement of technical standards for material composition of the asphalt concrete (asphalt, rock powder, sand, stone, etc), the forms of asphalt concrete grading have been used in domestic and overseaforeign, and the other related matters such as: the technical standards systems that have been applied, the conditions in construction and operation conditions, etc were also discussed.

BesidesMoreover, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Bui Phu Doanh has introduced the method of mechanistic-empirical pavement design guide (ME PDG), which has been studied under funding from American National Academy of Sciences. The seminar participants also have been discussed about the advantages and disadvantages of ME PDG, revieweding to apply this method in the current real situation of Vietnam, the ability to apply in Vietnam atin the present and in the future.