Human Resources

Dương Thị Soạn

Deputy Manager of Finance and Accountancy Department

Age: 45 | 23 years of experience

• From 06/2000 to 12/2006: Accountant, Chief accountant, Thanh Phat Company.
• From 10/2007 to 01/2009: Chief accountant, Vien Dong technology Company.
• From 02/2009 to 6/2014: Accountant, Finance and Accountancy Department., Vietnam Expressway Consultant Company (VEC Consultant), Vietnam Expressway Corporation (VEC).
• From 7/2014 to Present: Deputy Manager, Finance and Accountancy Department.
• VEC Consultant Excellent Labour of years 2010 to 2012.
• Certificate of VEC Chairman for excellent achievements in work, 2014


Bachelor of Accounting