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VEC Consultant continues to stand in the TOP 10 of Design Consultant Organizations of Transport Sector

On May 16th, 2017, the Vietnamese Ministry of Transport (MOT) issued Decision No. 1386/QD-BGTVT announcing the capacity rating of Transport Consultant Organizations in 2016. VEC Consultant is rated “responsive”, ranking 7th in […]

VEC Consultant presented at Roundtable of Chartered Professional Engineers Coordinating Committee (CCS85 Meeting)

From September 27-30 of 2016, the 85th Meeting of The Coordinating Committee on Services (CCS85) of ASEAN was held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, in which the Roundtable of Chartered Professional […]

Training course of new management system ISO 9001:2015

For the purpose of upgrading the ISO management system from version 9001:2008 to version 9001: 2015, after carefully researched, ADHEAD Enterprise Management and Development Consultant., LTD was assigned as the coaching unit […]

Seminar on exchange experience in design and construction of cable-stayed bridge

In the working schedule of Dr. Komiya – Project Manager for  Ben Luc Long Thanh expressway project (Technical Design Stage) with Vietnam Expressway Corporation on 23th March 2016, VECC hold the seminar on exchange experience in design and construction of Binh Khanh, Phuoc Khanh bridge- two cable-stayed bridges with beautiful architectures and complex structure under  Ben Luc – Long Thanh expressway project. Participants were representatives of company’s leadership,experts and young engineers of the company. Opening the seminar, on behalf of VECC, Mr. Nguyen Quang Loc – Director of company expressed his sincere thanks to Dr.Komyia for his valuable time in company’s seminar. The Company’s Director also wishes he would cooperate with VECC in experience and knowledge exchange in  cable-stayed bridge design to help VEC Consultant’s  engineers can learn and approach this design method.

Next, Mr. Komyia and Mr. Nguyen Van Lam presented in detail the design of Phuoc Khanh & Binh Khanh bridges Ben Luc – Long Thanh project. As a leading expert in  cable-stayed bridge design with more than  47 years of experience,he designed directly many cable-stayed bridges in the world, his design product always directs in optimality of economy and technique. This philosophy also reflected in the bridge diagram and detailed design of Binh Khanh, Phuoc Khanh bridges such as: beam cross- section, column dimension, tower foundation, of cable –stayed united with tower pier.

After the presentation of Mr. Komiya, experts and young engineers of VECC discussed ebulliently about detailed structure design of cable stayed bridge. All questions and comments of the engineers were clearly analyzed and responded by the expert. That makes the engineers understand more clearly about the structure and design method of cable-stayed bridge. Besides, the engineers also provided some diagrams and structures of and cable-stayed bridges in which the company participated in proposal stage in order to discuss and comment with expert. With his experience and knowledge, Dr. Komyia introduced several structures which is suitable for proposed bridge diagram, besides, some details of structure need to change for reasonableness.

At the ending of the seminar,  on behalf of VECC, Mr. Nguyen Quang Loc thanked to Mr. Komyia for attending and presenting in the seminar that helped experts and young engineers of the company further understand the structure as well as method of cable-stayed bridge design. He wishes Dr. Komyia would have pleasure, health and success in working time in Vietnam.