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VEC Consultant continues to stand in the TOP 10 of Design Consultant Organizations of Transport Sector

On May 16th, 2017, the Vietnamese Ministry of Transport (MOT) issued Decision No. 1386/QD-BGTVT announcing the capacity rating of Transport Consultant Organizations in 2016. VEC Consultant is rated “responsive”, ranking 7th in […]

VEC Consultant presented at Roundtable of Chartered Professional Engineers Coordinating Committee (CCS85 Meeting)

From September 27-30 of 2016, the 85th Meeting of The Coordinating Committee on Services (CCS85) of ASEAN was held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, in which the Roundtable of Chartered Professional […]

Training course of new management system ISO 9001:2015

For the purpose of upgrading the ISO management system from version 9001:2008 to version 9001: 2015, after carefully researched, ADHEAD Enterprise Management and Development Consultant., LTD was assigned as the coaching unit […]

Mid-year holiday in 2015 of Vec Consultant.

Summer holiday is one of annual activities that the company, company union always concern and attach special importance to bring the happiness, relaxation after hard working for staff. This is also an opportunity for members of Vec Consultant exchange, further mutual understanding and contribute to enhance solidarity.
In 2015, the mid-year holiday for company’s staff was from 20/6 to 22/6 at Sam Sam beach – Thanh Hoa province
Some photographs of this holiday.

Vecc’s Strength

Vecc’s solidarity

Happy birthday in the festival

Director and Deputy Director gave award for excellent students


Happiness after touching other player


Let’s jump

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